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woman smooth skinDuring all Skin & Laser Treatments it is highly advised to wear a good Sun Protector / Sun Block to avoid any new pigment or irritation. Sun damage and environmental pollution are the main causes of Premature Aging.

During all procedures, SkinCeutical products are used to better enhance your treatments, that is why we also advise you to continue using SkinCeuticals products at home to continue these life long results!

Some must haves with Any Skin & Laser Treatment are a good Cleanser, Sun Block & Antioxidant!

Most Treatments are Recommended in Packages (of 3) for full results.

Downtime varies depending on skin condition but can average anywhere from 3-5 days max depending on Procedure, with little to no redness, mild erythema, and in some cases, peeling/scabbing.

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