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Arm Implants (Biceps and Triceps)

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The biceps and triceps areas of the arm can be built up for those men who either can’t get enough muscle bulk by exercise alone or want to maintain a more muscular arm shape. Biceps and triceps implants look similar in appearance but the triceps implant is longer and has less central projection than a biceps implant. This implants can be placed under the fascia layer or under the muscle to enhance the arm look!

Good Candidates for Arm Implants

Patients who want to get sculpted arms that look more muscular by adding volume are good candidates for arm implants. This procedure works best for patients who are in good health and already relatively fit. To prevent complications, patients must quit smoking before their procedure.

Your Consultation

Dr. Marcos will ask questions about the patient’s health and medical history during their consultation for arm implants. Answering these questions will help Dr. Marcos determine how best to go about the procedure.

Dr. Marcos will provide more details about the surgical process so that patients can be fully prepared going in. He will be happy to answer any questions about the procedure that patients may have.

Dr. Ikeda

The Recovery Process

Patients can expect swelling, soreness, and minor discomfort during the arm implant recovery period. Instructions will be provided regarding the care of the affected areas and when patients need to come back for a follow-up. It’s important for patients to avoid all strenuous activities while they are still recovering and to rest as much as possible.

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