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Dr. Ikeda

Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic & Aesthetic Gynecology

Dr. Marcos and the staff at Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa are dedicated to providing women’s healthcare and wellness for all ages in a professional manner.

“My passion is to make you feel better and beautiful every day. My commitment is to continually strive for excellence to deliver the highest results and best care to you”

I invite you to discover the wide variety of possibilities and treatments for your gynecological condition, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic solutions through our website, or visit you can visit our practice, which is located on 7922 Hillcroft Ave Houston, Tx 77081 (Hillcroft Ave and Bissonet St.)


Jeanna Chiappetta

Head Office Manager

Jeanna joined Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa in 2019 as head office manager. She assists the practice as a surgery coordinator. Her knowledge of cosmetic procedures allows her to guide patients through their transformation journey.


Berenice Hernandez

Office Manager

Berenice graduated from University of Houston in 2018 with a Bachelors in business and accounting. She joined Dr Marcos Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa as our office manager. Her duties include surgery scheduling and coordinating as well as patient care. Berenice’s goal is to help patients transition smoothly through their cosmetic journey.


Sandra Ramos C.M.A.

Patient Consultant

Sandra joined Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa in 2018 as a patient consultant. Sandra desires to help every patient and their needs every step of the way. She strives for great patient care and satisfaction.

Left to Right: Berenice Hernandez, Phoebe Xydas, Rosie Rodriguez, Dr. Marcos Ikeda, Jeanna Chiappetta, Sandra Ramos, Olga Mendez

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