When it comes to breasts, larger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Though many women seek to increase the size and projection of their breasts, others find that having naturally disproportionately large breasts can have a negative impact on their quality of life and health.

A very common issue that arises from disproportionately large breasts is muscle and joint pain. Many women will experience pain in their neck, back, and shoulders due to the large amount of strain their breasts place on their bodies. This can eventually negatively affect their posture. Large breasts can cause rashes to form beneath them, and disproportionately large breasts can even prevent you from simple daily tasks.

Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Marcos Ikeda and Dr. David Davila focus on providing results that not only satisfy the aesthetic goals of our patients but also help to improve their quality of life. Don’t let the size of your breasts have a negative impact on your life – contact us to schedule a consultation.