Men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of a double chin have a minimally invasive option for resolving this aesthetic concern. Acclaimed cosmetic surgeon and leading authority in non-surgical facial enhancement, Dr. Marcos Ikeda, has helped countless patients in Houston get rid of a double chin and achieve a more sculpted jawline with Kybella®.

What Causes a Double Chin?

When excess fat accumulates under the chin, the appearance of submental fullness, or a double chin, results. In some cases, a double chin is caused by weight gain. In other instances, patients are predisposed to store fat in this area, so no matter how fit and healthy they are, they will not be able to eliminate the appearance of a double chin on their own.

How Does Kybella® Double Chin Reduction Work?

Kybella® is FDA-approved to reduce moderate to severe fat deposits under the chin. This injectable prescription medicine contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which works to irreparably damage fat cells. The destroyed fat cells will be naturally processed and absorbed by the body for permanent elimination.

What Is a Kybella® Treatment Like?

Kybella® treatments must be performed by a qualified medical provider, like Dr. Marcos. During a Kybella® session, Dr. Marcos will administer several injections across the treatment area. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the injections.

How Many Kybella® Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatment sessions you need will depend on the extent of fat reduction you desire. Patients often notice improvements after two to four Kybella® sessions, though up to six sessions may be necessary. Treatment sessions can be scheduled at one-month intervals.

Kybella® vs. Cosmetic Surgery for Eliminating a Double Chin

Many patients assume that cosmetic surgery is necessary for getting rid of a double chin. However, non-surgical double chin treatments with Kybella® make it possible for many men and women to avoid the need for plastic surgery. Unlike surgical double chin reduction procedures, Kybella® treatments do not involve any incisions or require a significant recovery period.

Though Kybella® is an excellent option for many, cosmetic surgery may be more suitable for others, particularly for those with excess skin, as well as excess fat, under the chin. Considerable skin laxity along and below the jawline can contribute to the appearance of a double chin. A combination of fat reduction and surgical skin excision is typically necessary for optimal improvements in these cases.

What If I Have Additional Facial Sculpting Goals?

If a double chin is not your only cosmetic concern, you may be a good candidate for additional non-surgical facial sculpting treatments. Dr. Marcos encourages patients to discuss their overall facial sculpting goals during their Kybella® consultation, so he can create a comprehensive treatment plan for achieving their desired look.

Dr. Marcos often complements Kybella® results with dermal filler and/or Botox® treatments. Dermal fillers can be used to fill and plump the cheeks and lips, as well as to smooth away age lines. Botox® is a highly effective wrinkle reduction treatment, most commonly used to minimize dynamic wrinkles in the upper face, including frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and horizontal forehead creases.

Learn More about Kybella®

If you are in the Houston area and are considering a cosmetic procedure to get rid of a double chin, contact Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Marcos will physically examine the submental area, review your medical history, and learn about your aesthetic goals. He can then determine if Kybella® is the best double chin treatment for you.