Beautiful contours and balanced body proportions make for an incredibly alluring figure. Balancing the size of your breasts with the size of your buttocks may seem like an impossible task, but with butt augmentation surgery, you can have a full and well-rounded butt that raises your appeal to another level.

Butt implants made from silicone will be inserted into each cheek of the buttocks. Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Marcos Ikeda and Dr. David Davila will make sure that both cheeks are symmetrical.

The size of the implants will be determined by your aesthetic goals for the procedure. Smaller implants can be used if you want a slender figure with soft contours, and larger implants can be used to give the buttocks more emphasis and allure.

Once your procedure is complete and you have fully healed, you should have a figure that is more attractive and curvaceous. If the butt augmentation procedure sounds like the solution to your aesthetic issues, contact our office to schedule a consultation.