Laughter keeps your soul young, and there’s nothing better for your skin than a diet of laughs and smiles to keep your mind and body happy. There are creams and salves on the market to address the dreaded crinkle lines around every woman’s eyes; crow’s feet are a menace to millions everywhere and make you look older when you laugh and are often extremely hard to address because of how they hide when your face is neutral. Botox is one of the best known solutions for preventing crows’ feet. Let’s explore why.

Laugh Freely With Botox

Botox is a unique serum that dulls the muscles in your face. A lifetime of laughter is great for the soul but becomes permanently etched onto the face when the collagen in your face weakens with time. Botox stops those dynamic wrinkles in their tracks. It lets you laugh again without worry. Crow’s feet are a form of dynamic wrinkles that rise from constant muscle activity in the face.

Dulling the facial muscles allows the dynamic wrinkles an opportunity to heal. Botox involves an injection delivered near both of the eyes, allowing the serum inside to address the wrinkles with symmetry few creams and salves can ever achieve.

The serum is tailored to each individual patient, with dermatologists being able to perfectly deliver the precise amount of muscle relaxant onto your face for customized results over the counter products can never imitate.


A dose of Botox can let you laugh again without worry. Enjoy a silky smooth texture around your eyes and a face free of any crow’s feet. Consult a professional today to see if Botox injections might be the remedy you need.